All legal drafting samples in one Folder

Legal Drafting Samples in Pakistan
Legal Drafting Samples in Pakistan

If you want to get free legal drafting format, this website is for you but here, in free category, you have access to copy the text of each legal draft and past in your own MS word or any other software to create your own file. If you require legal drafting samples in pdf format, you may convert the copied text and your own created file into pdf by online through different websites.


But if you want to get all legal drafting samples available in English as well as urdu formats including plaints, Written Statements, Written Replies, Bail Petitions (Pre Arrest and Post arrest), Appeals,  Civil Revisions, Criminal Revisions, Writ Petitions, Intra Court Appeals, Surety bonds, Affidavits, Divorce Deed, Talaq Nama, Surety Bond, Indemnity Bond,  Sale Agreements, Rent Agreements, Registry, Sale Deed,  Will Deed, Surrender Deed/ Relinquishment Deed, Gift Deed and many more, in just one folder without any effort, you have to purchase these legal pleadings formats, for which you just need to type following message in Whatsapp:-

“Want to purchase all formats”

 And send it on following Whatsapp number


The legal drafting formats as as per formats and applicable laws in Pakistan

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