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Format of Nikah Nama Translation in English
Format of Nikah Nama Translation in English 

In Pakistan, usually Nikah Nama is in urdu language. If anyone from Pakistan applies for a Visit Visa or Family Visa for a country like UKCanadaAustralia, USA etc,  he is required to submit/produce Nikah Nama along with its translation in English.

To translate Nikah Nama in english, there are many companies/firms/offices available in Pakistan which do this job. However,  be careful when you are dealing with translation of Nikahnama because such type of peoples are also in the market, who are neither professional nor  registered with any department of Pakistan, therefore they  cannot  be said as "Recognized Translator", so try to avoid them.

There are various formats of Nikah Nama in Pakistan some  of which are of 25 Rows some are of 26  rows, some  Nikah Nama contains additional information and Nikah Nama of Azad Kashmir  is totally different from Nikah Nama in Pakistan. Another Nikah Nama has been introduced in the market in which following affidavit is added as well:-



26. I am Muslim and believe that Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is the last prophet. I don’t believe any person who claims to be prophet, after Muhammad (peace be upon him), by referring to any interpretation or possible reference of the word “prophet”. I don’t believe such claimant of prophet hood to be prophet, religion reformer or even Muslim. I believe that Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani is false prophet and also believe that his followers belonging to Lahori or Qadiani group are non-Muslims. 


Anyhow, no matter, which type of Nikah Nama you hold, we have number of formats of Nikah Nama/ Marriage Certificate, so we can easily provide you certified, online verifiable and notarized translation.


Following is the Nikah Nama in English (Nikahnama in English) / English Nikah Nama

Nikah Nama in English 

Form No. 2

(See Rules: 8 & 10)

Under Rule: 8& 10 of Muslim Family-Laws

Ordinance, 1961 (CIII of 1961)





Name of Ward/ Mouza/Dhoke/ Area: Afandi Colony, Town/ Union Council : 26, Tehsil  District : Rawalpindi where the marriage took place.


Name of the Bridegroom & His father, with their respective residence 




Age of Bridegroom




Name of Bride & her father, with their respective residence             




Whether the Bride is virgin, a widow or a divorced wife



Age of Bride



Name of Attorney, if any, appointed by the Bride, his

Name, father’s name and residence



Names of the Witnesses to the appointment by the bride’s Attorney, their, with their father’s name, their residence  and the relationship with the bride



Name of Attorney, if any , appointed by the Bridegroom, his father’s name and his residence



Names of witnesses to the appointment of the Bridegroom’s Attorney with their  father’s names and theirs residence.



Names of the witnesses to the marriage, their father’s name and their residence




Date on which the marriage was solemnized



Amount of Dower




How much of the Dower is Mu’ajjal (prompt) and how much Mu’wajjal (Deferred)

All amount deferred.


Whether any portion of the dower was paid at the time of marriage, if so, how much




Whether any property was given in lieu of whole or any part of the dower, with specification of the same and its valuation agreed to between the parties



Special Conditions, if any



Whether the husband has delegated the power of divorce to the wife, if so, under what conditions



Whether the husband’s right of divorce is any way curtailed



Whether any document was drawn up at time of marriage relating to dower and maintenance etc if so, contents thereof



Whether the bridegroom has any existing wife, and if so, whether has he secured the permission of Arbitration Council under the Muslim Family Ordinance, 1961 to contract another marriage.



Number and date of communications conveying to the bridegroom the permission of the Arbitration Council to contract another marriage.



Name, father’s name, and address of the person by whom the marriage was solemnized.




Date of Registration of Marriage



Registration Fee paid





Signature of Bridegroom or his Attorney__________________


Signature of the witnesses to the appointment of   the bridegroom’s Attorney  (1)__________________



Signature of Bride ___________,  Signature of Bride’s Attorney ___________                                                                                    

Signature of the witnesses to the appointment of brides Attorney                            (1)__________________



Signature of the witnesses to the marriage: (1)__________________



Signature of the person whom solemnized the marriage____________


Signature & Seal of the Registrar of Marriage______________



Example of translated Nikah Nama

Followings is the example of Nikah Nama English translation\ Nikahnama translation in english/ Nikah Nama translation urdu to english, done by us. Due to privacy, this Nikah Nama translation is kept blurred.  In this translation, you can see that a unique reference number is allotted to this particular translation, which can be verified at by entering the  reference number and date.

First page of Nikah Nama translation in english

Translated Nikah Nama First Page on letterhead
Translated Nikah Nama First Page on letterhead

Second page of Nikah Nama translation in english  
Translated Nikah Nama First Page on letterhead
Translated Nikah Nama First Page on letterhead

To download Nikah Nama english translation pdf/ Marriage Certificate Translation from urdu to english, please click here. 


Sorry for translation in word form as same cannot be provided 

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How to translate Nikah Nama in English?

To translate / convert Urdu Nikah Nama in English (as per Pakistani format), you can just call "Waseeqa Translation Services " and get Soft Copy and well as Hard copy of translated Nikah Nama/ Marriage Certificate on its Letterhead, signed, stamped, notarized, which can be verified online at its official website.

Where to find Urdu Nikah nama in English / Marriage certificate Translation from urdu to english?

The Urdu Nikah Nama in english has been provided here, which you can see but be noted, same has been kept blurred.

I need Nikah Nama translation in English in Karachi, what should I do?

If you are from Karachi and need your Nikah Nama translation in english, you can contact Waseeqa Translation Services and have your translated Nikah Nama delivered at your door step.

I want Nikah nama english translation and me in Lahore?

While in Lahore, you can avail translation services from Waseeqa Translation and Documentation Services with just one call. Simply send your Nikah Nama visa WhatsApp or email, and receive both a soft copy and a hard copy at your address.

Can I get Nikah Nama translation in english in Rawalpindi?

Yes, if you are in Rawalpindi you can get Nikah Nama translation in english. Waseeqa Translation Services based in Rawalpindi is here for you to provide english translation of Nikah Nama in digital form as well as in hard form. Physical delivery is subject to delivery charges.

Where to translate Nikah nama in English?

No need to visit any office for translation of Nikah Nama in English, just send scanned Urdu Nikah Nama to Waseeqa Translation Services and get it delivered at your home address.

From Where can I get my Nikah Nama translated ?

You can translate your marriage certificate from any translation company / office recognized in the country where translation is done. Be noted, there some specific requirement of embassies, which must be fulfilled.

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