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www.waseeqanaveesi.com  is one of the best websites which contains a lot of legal formats / samples  in English and Urdu languages. You can download legal formats . These formats are downloadable as well as editable in MS Word format and also in Inpage formats. Bundle of the legal drafts (but not limited to following) are available to this website.


1.                  Plaints/ Suits

a.       Recovery of Maintenance allowance

b.      Suit for Restitution of Conjugal Rights

c.      Suit for jactitation of marriage

d.      Suit for recovery on account of defamation

e.      Suit for Declaration of legal heirs

f.       Suit for Permanent Injunction (Stay suit)

g.      Suit for Cancellation of gift Mutation

h.      Suit for Declaration and Mandatory Injunction (late entry of death) against Union Council

i.        Suit for Partition of property

j.        And others


2.                  Written Statements

a.       Various


3.                  Application

a.       Application for Partition of land

b.      Application for Condonation of delay

c.      Application for Restoration of suit or appeal

d.      Application for Appointment of local commission

e.      Application for Amendment in pleadings

f.       Application for Cancellation of guardian petition

g.      Application for Cancellation of warrants of arrest

h.      Application for Superdari

i.        Application for obtaining succession certificate

j.        Application for ad-interim injunction

k.      Application for initiating contempt of court proceedings

l.        Application for job

m.    Application for registration of FIR

n.      Application to police of theft

o.      Application for dishonoring of cheque


4.                  Petitions

a.      Petition for bail before arrest

b.      Petition for bail after arrest

c.      Guardian Petition

d.      Petition for cancellation of bail


5.                  Appeal


a.       Family Appeals

b.      Civil Appeal

c.       Criminal Appeal


6.                  Review Petition

a.       Various


7.                  Revision Petition

a.       Various


8.                  Writ Petitions

a.       Various


9.                  Intra Court Appeals

a.       Various



In addition to above said legal drafts, the formats of various deeds, used to be printed on stamp paper are also available on this www.waseeqanaveesi.com and same can be downloaded by the public. Few examples of these formats are given below:-


1.                  Affidavits (Bian-e-Halfi/ Halaf Nama)

2.                  Declaration

3.                  Undertakings         

4.                  Partnership Deed (Iqrar Nama Sharakat Dari)

5.                  Compromise Deed (Sulah Nama)

6.                  Surety Bond (Zamanat Nama)

7.                  Indemnity Bond

8.                  Agreement to Sell (Iqrar Nama Bay)

9.                  Rent Agreement  (Iqrar Nama Kirayadar)

10.              Power of Attorney (Mukhtar Nama) 

11.              General Power of Attorney (Mukhtar Nama Aam)

12.              Special Power of Attorney Mukhtar Nama Khas)

13.              Registered Deed (Registry)

14.              Sale Deed  (Bay Nama)

15.              Gift Deed (Hiba Nama)

16.              Surrender Deed / Relinquishment Deed  (Dastaweez Dastbardari)

17.              Trust Deed (Waqaf Nama)

18.              Will Deed (Wasiat Nama)

19.              Redemption Deed

20.              Deed of Revocation / cancellation of Power of Attorney   (Abtaal Nama)

21.              Rectification Deed (Tatima Nama)


 It is very easy to use this website. If you remain in touch with www.waseeqanaveesi.com, you can learn a lot about English legal drafting, Urdu Legal drafting and also other court matters.

You can also learn about police matters, FIRs, trial, criminal cases, civil cases, revenue matters, property matters, family matters, Talaq (Divorce), marriage etc etc. So keep in touch with this platform to get to know more and more.

Furthermore, various other legal issues have also been discussed in various articles published on this website.




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