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Waseeqa Translation Services
Waseeqa Translation Services 


“Waseeqa Translation Services” located in District Courts, Rawalpindi offers Certified Translation Services in English/Urdu & other languages not only in Rawalpindi but also all over the world.

Online Verification of Translated Documents 

The unique facility of online verification for translated document at https://www.waseeqanaveesi.com/p/online-verification-of-translation.html enhance its trustworthiness among all the people, including visa applicants and visa officers. 

You need to just type reference number and date in the relevant fields.


Home Delivery of Translated Documents 

It does not matter where you are from; because you can place your order by contacting us at provided contact number, pay the fee and we will send you the translation for proof reading. Once you confirm it, we will print it out, assign a unique reference number (verifiable online), date it, stamp and certify it, and if required, notarize it before delivering a hard copy to your doorstep.


Delivery of scanned translations at your email or whatsapp 

In many cases, you may not need a hard copy of the translation and you just need to upload your scanned documents including translation. 

For example, if you are applying online for UK or Canada etc, you can upload your all documents including translation on their portal therefore no hard copies are required.    

But if you are going to take services of scanning of your documents from VFS Global at Center, you would require producing hard copies of your all documents including translation. 

As far as USA visit visa application is concerned, there is no requirement or facility available for applicants to upload their documents on their website. Instead, the applicants would need to take along their all documents including translation to the US Embassy. 

So, it’s your choice and requirement whether you want a soft or hard copy of the translation. We can delivery both hard and soft copies to you as per your needs. 

Waseeqa Translation service / Certified Translation Center in Rawalpindi aims to provide error-free translation on time, hence don’t hesitate contact us at the provided number.

To know translation charges, please click on the following link:- 



Waseeqa Translation and Documentation Services

Website: www.waseeqanaveesi.com

E-mail: waseeqatranslationservices@gmail.com

Contact No. 0092-328-5006780


Why should you choose us?


1.    Certified, true and accurate translation.

2.    Translation can be verified online at https://www.waseeqanaveesi.com/p/online-verification-of-translation.html  by providing the Reference number and date mentioned on letterhead.  

3.    Translation is as per requirement of concerned Embassy.

4.    Signed, stamped and on letterhead.

5.    Notarized.

6.    NTN registered.

7.    Quick Service.

8.    Most Urgent Service

9.    Delivery at your door step.   

10.                       Soft + Hard Copy

11.                       Reasonable charges.

 Expertise in: Complex documents like FIR, FARD, Inteqal, other Patwari documents, Registry, Court Orders, Judgments, and Decrees etc. 

You can also take our services for online visa applications and file preparation for UK, USA, Canada, Australia etc. 

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