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Rent Deed
rent agreement format in pakistan 

In the name of ALLAH, the most beneficent, the most merciful



This rent agreement of is being executed on 20th day of  May, 2019 between Zahid Iqbal son of Shahid Iqbal R/O House No. 1, Street No. 2, Mohallah Shah Chan Chiragh, Rawalpindi (hereinafter called as LANDLORD-FIRST PARTY)


Farhan Khan son of Zafran Khan R/O House No. 50, Gali No. 53, Sector I-10/1, Islamabad  (hereinafter called the TENANT-SECOND PARTY)


WHEREAS, the said first party is the absolute owner in possession of House No. 3, Street No. 50, Mohallah Amarpura, Rawalpindi and has agreed to let out the said House on monthly rent basis to the Tenant and Tenant has agreed on the same, with the following terms and conditions.


1.     That the rent of the above-stated House has been fixed as Rs. 25,000/-(Rupees Twenty Five Thousand only) per month which will always be paid in advance within 20-25th   day of every month, against a receipt in writing of a receipt thereof. Also a refundable Security Deposit of Rs. 40,000/— (Rupees Forty thousand only) has been paid from the Second Party to first party which is refundable at the time of vacation of the said House by the Second Party adjusting therewith unpaid utility bills, unpaid monthly rent, etc., if any –

2.     That the tenancy period is for eleven months i.e from 20th May, 2019 to 20th April, 2020 .

3.     That one month’s notice from either party for the vacation of the said House is mandatory, e.g. if Second Party wishes to vacate the said House and hand over to the First Party or the First Party wishes to get the said House vacated from the Second Party

4.     That the Second Party is not allowed to make any sort of change in the structure of the House without the written prior approval of the First Party. That the Second Party will utilize the House only and only for the residential purposes within framework of the law and rule of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan any illegal activity, detected would tend to revocation of the instant Rent Agreement and the House will be got vacated from Second Party without serving upon him any notice in writing

5.     That the Second Party will not sub-let the House wholly or partially.

6.     That the possession of the House will physically be handed over to the First Party on the expiry of the instant agreement

7.     That the Second Party will hand over the possession of the House back to the First Party in the condition it was given to him. He will be fully responsible for repair or replacement of any wear and tear in the House.

8.     That the Second Party will be solely responsible for the payment of all sort of Utility Bills i.e. Electricity, Gas, etc., and give back the paid bills to the First Party.

9.     That the First Party or his agent(s) shall have the right at all reasonable times during the term of this Rent Agreement and any renewal of this Lease Agreement to enter the said House for the purpose of inspecting the premises and / or making any repairs to the premises or other item as required under this Rent Agreement.

10. That breach of any of the above terms and conditions will tend to vacation of the House by the Second Party without serving any kind of notice.


Now, therefore, this Tenancy Agreement has been drafted, read and understood by both the parties and signed before the presents on the date, month and the year mentioned above.



Landlord-First party ________                  Second Party-Tenant ________

Zahid Iqbal                                              Farhan Khan

CNIC No. 37405-0000000-0                    CNIC No. 37405-0000000-0


 Witness-1 ____________                    Witness-2____________


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