Online Verification of Translation

Translation for Visa and its verification
Translation for Visa and its verification

Everyone who requires translation of any document would seek a true, accurate, certified and verifiable translation. Waseeqa Translation & Documentation Services is here for you to fulfill all such needs. 

All documents translated by “Waseeqa Translation & Documentation Services” can be easily verified online. You just need to enter “Reference Number” and “Date”. 

Every translation performed by “Waseeqa Translation & Documentation Services” on its letter head contains a Unique Reference number and date on it. Click here to find out  why you should choose us for translation services. 

Using this facility, not only the applicant to whom the translated documents belong but also the Visa Officers / Embassies or any other officer who receives translated documents can easily verify them, providing ease & comfort for all. 

Once you have correctly entered the reference number and date of a particular translated document and clicked on “verify” button, the result will appear displaying details like document name, parties’ names, translation language and translation date. 

If record is not found in our database, an error will appear displaying “Verification failed”.


Verification Form

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