UK Visit Visa Bank Statement Requirement in 2022

UK Visit Visa Bank Statement Requirement in 2022
UK Visit Visa Bank Statement Requirement in 2022


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UK Visit Visa Bank Statement Requirement in 2022

Importance of Bank Statement in UK Visit Visa Application


I myself have applied for UK Visit Visas on behalf of about 30 applicants, out of which, about 25 Visa applications remained successful, however remaining visa applications had no success. From successful visa applications and unsuccessful visa application, I gained reasonable experience, on the basis of which, I am going to provide detailed information about Bank Statement requirement for a UK Visit Visa.


Although, obtaining UK Visit Visa / Standard Visitor Visa is not a difficult task but still number of Visit Visa applications are refused by Visa Officer / Entry Clearance Officer. This happens because of lack of knowledge of applicants to apply for a Visit Visa. Each Category of a Visa application demands different requirements, which should be met according to the visa application category and other circumstances of applicant.


In addition to other documents, Bank Statement plays a very important role when applying for a Visit Visa for UK and about all the refusals of Visit Visa application revolve around Bank Statement of Applicant.


Although, there is no hard and fast rule about bank balance of applicant applying for a Visit Visa for UK but still there is a formula (my own experience)  


UK Visit Visa Bank Statement requirement


The UK Embassy requires from an applicant of UK Visit Visa to produce an updated bank statement of least 06 months. It is better to produce bank statement of more than 6 months, in some circumstances. It is recommended to produce Bank Statement along with Account Maintenance Certificate, duly signed and stamped by the concerned bank, printed on its letter headed paper.


Bank Balance required for UK visitor visa


There is no rule with regard to having minimum amount in Bank Account of an applicant for UK Visit Visa nor is such requirement displayed on official website of UKVI. However, there must be reasonable/ sufficient amount in bank account to bear all the expenses of proposed visit visa for UK, which may include travel, meal, accommodation and other miscellaneous expenses.


But still, question is there that what is reasonable amount? The reasonable amount may vary from case to case. In some cases, the reasonable amount might be 2000 GBP, in some cases reasonable amount might be 3000 GBP, in some cases reasonable amount might be 4000 GBP and so on.


To understand reasonable / sufficient amount, the answers of following questions should be kept in mind:-


i.               What is your purpose of visit?


a.    Family Visit


b.   Tourism



In a family visit, the family member in UK may provide accommodation and meal to you (applicant), hence in a Family Visit, less money can be shown in Bank Account as compare to Tourism, so the expenses which may incur on accommodation and meal are excluded in this case because the burden of bearing cost of meal and providing accommodation shifts from the you (applicant) to the shoulder of your Family member / sponsor in UK. But be noted, your family member should make a sponsorship declaration and write that he is going to provide accommodation to you (applicant) and to provide meal to you for entire duration of stay. He is also required to provide supporting documents to you enabling you to produce the same for concerned Visa Officer / Entry Clearance Officer.


In case of tourism, additional amount is required to be shown in Bank Account as compare to Family Visit, because, in addition to bearing other expenses, you will also have to bear Hotel Charges / accommodation and meal expense as well during your whole stay.  


ii.            Duration of Stay?


If you are on your journey of tourism, without being financially supported by any one, you should take into consideration the number of days of your stay in UK. If you want to stay more days in UK, then you need to show more funds in your bank statement as compare to stay of few days.



iii.          Is any one is financially supporting for your trip to UK?


a.    Your parents or any other relative in country from where you are applying?


b.   Sponsor/ relative based in UK?



If anyone either from the country of applying or from any person/company in UK is going to sponsor/ financially support you for your trip, in such case, there would be no problem, if you (applicant) show less amount in your Bank account.



iv.          If someone is financially supporting for your trip, to what extent he is financially supporting you?


a.    Full financial  support, which may include your   travel expenses,  Airline expenses, accommodation, meal and other expenses during your stay.



b.   Partial financial support, which might be your just accommodation in UK and nothing else.



If full financial support is provided, less bank balance can be shown in Bank Account. In case of partial financial support, the bank balance should be more as compare to full financial support.


How much bank statement is required for UK visit visa approval?


You should keep double or triple or more than that of your estimated expenses of your proposed trip to UK. For Example, you have estimated expenses of your trip as 3000 GBP, you should have at least 6000 GBP or 9000 or more than that.  It is not a fixed rule but it is good to follow this formula.


Total expenses for UK visitor visa -

How much money is required to travel to UK?


To know what exact amount of money, you should have in your Bank Account, depends on different factors:


1.             By which Airline, and which class either Economy or Business Class, you are going to travel to UK?

2.             By which Airline, and which class either Economy or Business Class, you are going to travel back to your native country?

3.             How many days you are going to stay in UK?

4.             What standard of Hotel and in which area, you are going to stay in?

5.             In which cities, areas you are going to visit in UK?

6.             How much expensive food you would eat?

7.             What other additional expenses would you bear including transportation?


As an Average, if you want to stay in UK for 14 days in an average hotel, you may have to spend 2500 GBP to 4000 GBP in total  


The detail of estimated & average expenses for UK Trip of 14 days is as under:-


Sr. No.

 Detail of expenses

Amount in GBP


Airline expenses/ Flight Expenses (Return Ticket)

1000 GBP


Hotel Charges

800 GBP


Food expenses

700 GBP


Transportation and miscellaneous

1200 GBP



3700 GBP


Again, it is stated the above said expenses are not fixed and may vary depending upon case to case, detail of which has been provided above. The expenses for a UK Visa trip for 14 days may be less than 3700 GBP and may be 3700 GBP.


Impact of your Income & Expenses on your Bank Statement for UK Visit Visa:


When you apply for a Visit Visa online, in addition to other questions, you are also asked to answer the questions about your income and expense, which are very important questions in view of Visa Officer/Entry Clearance Officer because the Visa Officer evaluates your financial circumstances by calculating your income and expenses and comparing it with Balance amount lying in your Bank Account. The Visa Officer also takes into consideration any large credits or debits entries in your Account statement. After evaluating your financial circumstances, if Visa Officer remains unsatisfied, your Visit Visa Application can be refused, however if Visa Officer remains satisfied with your financial circumstance and think that your stated income & expenses match with the Balance amount lying in your Bank account and also match with the credits and debits entries, your visa application can be accepted and you can be granted UK Visit Visa. Not only Bank Statement but other factors are also taken into consideration by the Visa Officer.


If you are having a low balance in your Bank Account and just for obtaining UK Visit Visa, you ask someone to deposit in your Bank Account a certain/ heavy amount, your Visa Application can be refused on this ground alone, if no satisfactory explanation with regard to such credited amount along with proof has not been provided to the Visa Officer. Because Visa Officer thinks that such certain/heavy amount credited in your bank account does not belong to you and same has been credited just to get success in Visa processing.


So, if you are a genuine applicant, and have any genuine heavy credit or debit entry in your Bank Statement, same should be explained in detail to avoid from visa refusal.


How to explain/prove any genuine heavy Credit or Debit Entry in your Bank Account statement


Credit Entry: If you have any heavy credit entry (means large deposit in your Bank Account), you must explain the source of such credited amount and attach relevant supporting document. For example, you have sold your any property and received its sale consideration; you must explain it in your Cover Letter and online Visa application form that such amount is received against selling that particular property. Besides explaining source of amount, you must attach proof of ownership of your property and Sale Agreement executed between you and purchaser along with their translation in English if these documents are not in English.


Debit Entry: If there is a heavy Debit Entry (means large withdrawn money), you should also explain it with supporting documents.


If you are employed in any Department


If you are employed in any department, it is recommended that your monthly salary should be directly transferred in your bank account so that Visa Officer may not have any suspicion about your employment and salary.


If you are self- employed or own any business


If you are self employed or own any business, you should keep financial record digitally / do all transactions through Bank, so that you would be able to easily prove your business and credit or debit entries.


If you are a landlord, and deriving your income from tenants  or by selling properties


If you are a landlord and own various properties, and have rented out your properties, you must explain your source of income either from rent or from selling the properties. Furthermore, you should receive you rent from the tenant directly in your bank account. In support of your version, you must attach Rent Agreements with tenant along with proof of ownership of properties and receipts of Taxes paid (if available).


Joint Bank Account for UK Visit Visa:


It is always recommended that you should have bank account solely in your own name. However, joint Account with your family member can also be accepted but his written permission should be attached with Visa application, allowing you to access all the funds, but be noted it is not an ideal situation.


Visit Visa Refusal on less salary /income and less savings


If you are receiving your monthly salary in your bank account but the salary you are receiving is too much low, there is severe apprehension that your visa application would be refused because of high expenses of your UK Trip.  In this situation, direct transfer of monthly salary in your bank account will be of no avail.




Total Expenses on your proposed Visit are 1500 GBP

Your Monthly Salary is 200 GBP

Your monthly household expenses are 120GBP, meaning thereby that you save only 80 GBP per month.

In 6 months you would be able to save just 6 X 80 GBP = 480 GBP.


So in this situation, your visa application will surely be refused because Visa Officer would think that you are not a genuine visitor because no one can spend on his tourism trip three times more than he save in six months  



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