Writ Petition land Acquisition


Land Acquisition Writ Petition
Land Acquisition Writ Petition

In the name of ALLAH, the most beneficent, the most merciful

 Format on Writ Petition on land Acquisition





W.P No. _______/2021


Zafran Khan son of Sajid Mehmood , Resident of near High School No. 2, Mohallah Meharpura Sharqi, Attock.






1.               Federation of Pakistan through Secretary WAPDA, Lahore.

2.               WAPDA through its Chairman, WAPDA House, The Mall, Lahore.

3.               Project Director, Ghazi Barotha Hydro power project, WAPDA, Hattian, District Attock.

4.               Resettlement Claim Commission for Ghazi Barotha Hydro Power Project through its Chairman, Tehsil Ghazi

5.               Land Acquisition Collector, Attock.

6.               Senior Civil Judge, Attock.





Respectfully Sheweth:


1.                Briefly stated facts are that the respondent No. 5 acquired land from different owners through different awards in District Attock for the purposes of completion / construction of Ghazi Barotha Hydro Power Project.

2.                That the land of predecessor of petitioner measuring 89 Kanals 2 Marlas in Khewat NO. 365, 406,109 situated in Mouza Ghala Mandi , Tehsil and District Attock was also acquired, vide Award No. A-99/LAC/GBHP/ATK/60 dated 20-10-1999.

3.                That quite a few references were filed before respondent No. 6 for the enhancement of compensation which references were unfortunately dismissed on 20-04-2006, vide a single judgment with respect to different awards.

4.                That some of aggrieved persons assailed the said judgment dated 20-04-2006 in different Regular First Appeals (RFAs) before the Honourable court. Since a common question of law and fact was involved, so petitioner awaited the outcome of said RFAs.

5.                That all the RFAs were allowed, vide judgment dated 08-04-2015 in the light of consensus arrived at between the aggrieved appellants and respondents whereby respondent No. 2 informed the Honourable Court about constitution of respondent No. 4 commission for “redressal of grievances of AFFECTEES OF  GHAZI BAROTHA HYDRO POWER PROJECT”  which included not only  the appellants but also other land owners as well. The references filed before the Referee Court were deemed to be pending.

6.                That after 08-04-2015, the respondent No. 6 adjourned the  references till decision by respondent No. 4 commission on 28-10-2015.

7.                That the respondent No. 4 did not decide the claim of petitioner and grievance of petitioner qua deficient compensation remained unredressed for the reasons best known to the commission in earlier rounds. After passing of prescribed period of 05 months, as per  consensus arrived at in RFA No. 78/02, the respondent No. 6 adjourned the reference sine-die till submission of report of respondent No. 4. The  net result  is that neither  commission has been formed afterwards nor the reference of petitioner has been disposed of by respondent No. 6 for want of decision of commission.

8.                That it has come into knowledge of petitioner that another meeting of commission is being convened for redressal of grievance of other affectees. In this regard, necessary preparations have already been made.

9.                That the respondents are bound by their undertaking before the Honourable Court on 08-04-2015 to redress the grievances of ALL the affectees of Ghazi Barotha Hydro Power Project.

10.          That the petitioners are being  deprived of benefits qua acquisition  of their land for the last more than 20 years.

11.          That the petitioners are also entitled to get the benefits of undertaking given before the Honourable Court and thus vested rights have accrued in favour of petitioners.

12.          That the acts of respondents for not deciding the reference of petitioners are illegal, unlawful and discriminatory towards the petitioners.

13.          That all the public functionaries are bound to aGhala Mandi e to the constitution particularly Articles 4, 5 and 25 of constitution.

14.          That the petitioners have no other efficacious and alternate remedy except to invoke the constitutional jurisdiction of this Honourable Court. 




Under the circumstances, it is, therefore, prayed that a writ may graciously be issued whereby the respondents may kindly be directed to redress the grievance of petitioner qua forcible acquisition of their land measuring 89 Kanals 2 Marlas in Khewat No. 23,103, 106 situated in Mouza Ghala Mandi , Tehsil and District Attock by directing the respondent No. 4 to decide the same in its forthcoming meeting and extend the benefits as granted to other affectees.

Any other relief which this Honourable Court deems just and proper may also be awarded.







Advocate High Court

CC No.78855778


Dated 18-02-2021




1.               It is certified that this is the first writ petition on the subject moved before this Honourable Court.

2.               It is also certified that the petitioner has no other alternate remedy except to invoke the jurisdiction of this Honourable Court under Article 199 of the Constitution.

3.               It is further certified that no other petition on the subject is pending or decided by the Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan.




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