UK Family Visit Visa Explained- Documents required in 2024

UK Family Visit Visa Explained for 2024
UK Family Visit Visa Explained for 2024


In this article, I am going to provide detailed explanation about UK Family Visit Visa. Following points have been covered here.


  1. What is a UK family Visit Visa?
  2. Stay Duration on  UK Family Visit Visa
  3. Applying way.
  4. Category, under which you can apply for UK family Visit Visa?
  5. Documents required for UK Family Visitor Visa.
  6. UK family Visit Visa Refusal
  7. Tips to get Visa Approval.


1.    What is a UK Family Visit Visa?


A UK Family Visit Visa allows a family member to visit his/her relatives(s) in the UK for a temporary period

The relatives may include brother(s), sister(s), father, mother, maternal grand father, maternal grand mother, paternal grand father, paternal grand mother, maternal uncle, maternal aunt, paternal uncle, paternal aunt, first cousins, and even your distant relatives as well.

2. Stay Duration of  UK Family Visit Visa

You can stay on UK Family Visit Visa for a period of maximum 6 months but I recommend you not to stay for such a long period in UK on this type of Visa.

Even you should not write the length of your stay in your visa application as 6 months. You can write the length of stay as 7 days, 15 days and 1 month.

Because if you write such a long period of stay in UK, you must have to provide reason of long-term stay and also provide supporting documents in this regard. Failure to provide reason and supporting documents may result into refusal of your UK Family Visit Visa application.

3.    Apply Way

You can apply for UK Family Visitor Visa online at

4.  Category, under which you can apply for UK family Visit Visa? 

To apply for Family Visit Visa, you are required to choose “Standard Visitor Visa” category when applying online.  Besides, covering family visits, a Standard Visitor Visa covers various other purposes as well.


5.    Documents required for UK Family Visitor Visa? 

Some documents are mandatory but others are just supporting documents for processing Visa application for UK family visitor Visa. Following are the lists of document which mandatory as well as supporting documents.

List of documents for relatives in UK

  1. Invitation Letter/ or Sponsorship Declaration
  2. Residential Status proof with passport (if on temporary visa)  or British Passport.
  3. House document (if they have taken responsibility for your accommodation during your stay)
  4. Bank Statement along with employment and Tax documents (if they have taken responslibity for your expenses)
  5. Any other document which depend from your particular case.
  6. List of documents for you being Applicant to UK Family Visit Visa
  7. Proof of your relationship with relative in UK.
  8. Current Valid Passport  + Old Passports (If traveled on those passport to any country)
  9. Residential proof
  10. Employment or Business Document (Business document may vary from person to person due to nature of business.
  11. Proof of other source  of income (if any)
  12. Tax documents
  13. Bank Statement
  14. Proof of assets you hold either movable or immovable.
  15. Family Members proof
  16. Proof that your children are studying in their respective educational institutions.

(For specific professional guidelines or application submission, you may take my paid services against services charges)


6.       UK family Visit Visa Refusal                       

Before applying your application for UK family visit visa, you must gather reasonable information about its requirements and possible cause of Visa refusal, so that maximum efforts can be made to avoid the visa application being refused. 

Usually Visa Officer does not mention only one cause of your visa application rejection rather he refuses the application by mentioning number of reasons in a Refusal Letter.


Following are some possible direct, indirect, main and secondary causes of rejection of a UK Family Visit Visa application.


  1. Proof or relationship between Applicant and his relative in UK is not provided.
  2. Your sponsor has taken the responsibility for your lodging, boarding and ticket etc in his sponsorship declaration but has not provided his financial documents.  
  3. The amount/ funds lying in Bank Account of applicant are insufficient to afford the trip.
  4. The circumstances stated by applicant in online visa application and/or cover letter do not corroborate the documents produced by applicant.
  5. There exists conflict between income, expenses and savings of applicant and same is not supported by any documentary proof.
  6. Your proposed expenses for this trip may be much higher than your savings in six months.
  7. You have no close family members in your native country.
  8. You are unmarried.
  9. Your real intentions are not to meet your relatives but to settle in UK.


7.             Tips to get Visa Approval.


Although there are number of reasons, leading to the Visa application refusal but you should keep in mind that to get success you will have to take into consideration the following points.


  1. Explain each and every thing about yourself, your family, your residential status.
  2. Explain the nature of your job/business and also explain about means (cash /bank transfer etc) of your income from your business and fluctuations in income etc.
  3. Explain about heavy transactions (debit and credit entries both)
  4. Explain your income and
  5. Explain that you are financially sound person.
  6. Explain clearly your purpose of visit and assure that you will come to your native country as per commitment.
  7. Do not provide wrong information.



How to invite parents to visit UK?

If you are in UK, and your parents or family members are in any other country, you can invite them by sending a Written Invitation Letter/Sponsorship Declaration and this Invitation Letter/Sponsorship Letter should be submitted by the visa applicant in the Embassy / Gerry VFS Global Office.

How to file UK tourist visa family application?

If you want to visit your family members in UK and also to visit beautiful places in UK, you can apply online under the category of Standard Visitor Visa by mentioning your both purposes i.e family visit and tourism.

How to apply Family Visit Visa UK From India?

Either you are in India or Pakistan or any other country, you can apply online under the category of Standard Visitor Visa.

Can you apply for a long term family visit visa UK?

If you intend to visit your family members in UK oftenly and you don’t want to apply for six months standard visitor visa again and again, you can apply for long term family visit visa but if it’s your first time, don’t apply for long term family visit visa. For the first time, it is recommended to apply short term family visit visa under standard visitor visa and after 2 visas have been expired and you have also traveled on that visa, you can now apply for a long term family visit visa for UK.

How long can you stay in the UK on a family visit visa?

Although you are allowed to stay on a family visitor visa upto the validity of your visa but still it is recommended to stay only for such period which has been mentioned in the visa application, if there exists no urgency or need.

What to do if UK Family visit visa is refused?

Because, in Visit Visa, no appeal lies, therefore, if your UK Family visit visa is refused, you can reapply promptly after refusal if you think that Visa Officer has wrongly assessed your case.

How much does UK family visit visa cost?

The cost of a UK family visa may vary because different fee/ charges are applicable in this case like fixed Visa application fee, Gerry (VFS Global) charges and varied consultant charges.

What are the UK family visit visa requirements from Pakistan?

For Pakistani applicants, almost requirements are same as stated in the above article.

What are the documents required for UK family visitor visa from India?

Read the above said article in full, documents stated above are the same documents required for the applicant from India intending to visit their family member in UK.

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