Child Vaccination Card Translation –Sample – Visa Purpose

Vaccination record translation to English
Vaccination record translation to English - Template 


When applying for visas of UK or any other English countries, all your documents which are in Urdu language must be translated into English.  A Child vaccination card may be one of your such documents. A Child vaccination card may contains the information about child and the vaccines administered or to be administered to the child.


If you require translation of Child vaccination card  or polio vaccination card, you can contact Waseeqa Translation Services on the provided contact number. Following is the format/ sample of translation of Child Vaccination Card (Urdu to English). I had just photo of this translation, therefore due of non-availability of scanned translation, a clear copy has not been uploaded.


Translated Child Vaccination Card Sample


Sample of translated Vaccine Card in english
Sample of translated Vaccine Card in english 


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