Cyber Crimes in Pakistan –How to Report to FIA Cyber Crime Wing


Cyber Crimes - How to  Report to Cyber Crime Wing
Cyber Crimes - How to  Report to Cyber Crime Wing 

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In this articles, I am going to explain detailed things about Cyber Crimes, What are cyber crimes, and if cyber crime is committed, where to report and what is the procedure for reporting to FIA Cyber Crime Wing about a cyber crime,  and Where are Cyber Crime reporting centers etc etc. 


What are Cyber Crimes?

In the current days, about every one either he/she is a minor or major, uses Computers, Mobiles, Internet and other social media accounts like Facebook, Whatsapp, youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Twitter, Gmail etc.


Following are few examples of Cyber Crimes:-


If some one,  

i.           Hacks (Gain unauthorized accused of) your social media accounts (Facebook, Whatsapp, youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Twitter, Gmail etc), means gain unauthorized access on your social media account, computer.

ii.               View your data lying there.

iii.            Create Fake ID on your name in any of social media platform.

iv.             Create any Website/ Forum in order to commit fraud and grab money.

v.                Use abusive or threatening language on social media accounts  

vi.             Blackmail, harass you or make illegitimate / illegal demands on social media accounts  

vii.          Upload/ Post/ share  your edited photo in any social media platform in order to defame you, either from his own personal account or from the fake ID

viii.       Upload / post any porn/ vulgar photos.

ix.     Got transferred any amount by fraud using social media account through Bank Account Transfer, Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa


It has been seen that usually the girls are victims of the cyber crimes and the hackers use to make illegal demands from the girls.


Cyber Crimes are something different from other crimes/ offences like Stealing, Robbery, dacoity, immovable property occupying, being injured during altercation, cheque dishonouring, because the information about such like offences should be reported to the local Police Station directly and in this such case Cyber Crime Wing should not be approached.


So, you should have knowledge first that what are the cyber crimes and what are other crimes, so as to enable you to approach to the concerned forum i.e Local Police Station or Cyber Crime Wing.


If you are sure that the offence committed is a cyber crime, you should approach directly to the Cyber Crime Reporting Centre or file a compliant online.


You can find out the Cyber Crime Reporting Centre, their addresses and contact numbers by clicking the following link


Click here to see List of cyber Crime Reporting Centre


If you don’t know how to write application/ complaint, you can get information from youtube video and also can download application from the links given below:-


How to write Compliant to Cyber Crime – Youtube Channel 

Click here to download application of Cyber Crime in urdu 


Procedure to file complaint with Cyber Crime Wing?


There are three steps, which you can follow for lodging a complaint with Cyber Crime Wing

1.      You can draft / write an application and submit by hand or by post to relevant circle. You should also submit an Affidavit stating therein that the contents of application annexed are true and correct to the best of your knowledge and belief.

(The application must contain the name , Address, CNIC, and Contact Number of the complainant


1.2. You can fill up the form on and  submit online


2.      You can senError! Bookmark not defined.d your complaint to Email address


Can a complaint be lodged to Cyber Crime through phone call?

No, complaints cannot be lodged through telephone call. However, you can get information about cyber crimes on call


Cyber Crime Contact address, contact number, Fax number and Email address Pakistan?

ADDRESS : 2nd Floor, National Police Foundation Building, Mauve Area, Sector G-10/4, Islamabad, Pakistan.

PHONE: +92 51 9106384

FAX: +92 51 9106383


Know about progress of your complaint ?

You can either:-

Email to


Contact on 051-9106384, 051-9106690, 051-9106691,

Or 1991



You can also contact your relevant circle for your complaint progress


What about stolen Laptops and Mobile Phones ? Does  Cyber Crime Wing (CCW) trace out these things?


The Cyber Crime Wing (CCW) traces out stolen laptops phones or gadgets only in case where laptop, phone or any other gadget is lost as a result of cybercrime.


Fake Facebook ID Blocking Time?

After registration of complaint regarding the fake facebook ID. The Cyber Crime Wing usually send request to facebook authority against the fake ID in one week where response to which depends on facebook authority


Time to process or register the complaints?

Time for processing ore registering the complainant depends on different things For Example:-


If you have submitted your complaint physical then it may be processed at the spot in relevant circle and complaint number will be provided to you.


If you have submitted online complaint, then your concerned circle will process your complaint in one week.


If you have submitted your complaint through email then this will be registered in 8-10 days by your relevant cybercrime circle.


Time to take action on complaint

After the complainant is lodged, for Verification 14 days are required, but an investigation officer has 90 days to finalize the complaint. So you can say an action on the complaint may be taken in these 90 days of enquiry.


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