Complete list of Documents for new electricity connection in 2023


Documents for new IESCO Connection in 2023
Documents for new IESCO Connection in 2023

In the name of ALLAH, the most beneficent, the most merciful



Complete list of documents required for new IESCO Connection in 2023 has been provided here.


At the time of filling up application for new electricity meter connection, all the documents which are required for a new electricity connection are not needed to be uploaded; just few documents are required to be uploaded.


Other documents which are not uploaded, these documents along with uploaded documents should be submitted in a File of new connection IESCO in the concerned office of IESCO. The required documents for new electricity connection are as under-


1.                 01  Applicant’s CNIC Copy (Attested oath commissioner etc)

2.                 01 Witness’s CNIC copy (Attested oath commissioner etc)

3.                 01 Ownership Proof of House / Registry etc


Rent Agreement along with NOC (No objection Certificate) from Owner of House

4.                 01 Neighbor Electricity bill


5.                 Wiring Test Report

6.                 1 Receipt (downloaded after submission of online application for new electricity connection)


7.                 1 Affidavit as per Performa of IESCO  


8.                 1 Affidavit about no meter already installed 


9.                 05 Urdu Application Electricity Connection 

10.                 01 Abridge Agreement IESCO 


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