How soon can I reapply for UK visa after refusal?


how long to reapply for uk visa
When to reapply for UK Visa

Although reapplying for a UK Visa after refusal is not prohibited by law. Blindly reapplying will lead to another refusal, therefore before reapplying, you should take into consideration number of things to avoid refusal again. 

Whether you should apply or should not reapply for a UK Visa soon after refusal depends on refusal letter you got.                                                                

Once you have received the refusal letter, read it carefully to know the exact cause or causes of your visa application being rejected. Although there are various types of UK visas but this article will be limited to UK Visitor Visa or UK tourism Visa.                               

Let’s explain few the few of the circumstances in which you should re apply promptly after refusal and the circumstances in which you should not re apply promptly after refusal, and wait for the reasonable time. 

The circumstances, in which you should  reapply soon after refusal

There are number of circumstances in which you can apply soon after refusal with a chance to success this time. Few of the circumstances are as under:-                                              

  1. If you had submitted your documents of proof of earning which are in the language other then English or Welsh without annexing their translation in English, and Visa Officer also mentioned in Refusal Letter that you have not produced the translation of such supporting documents, in this case you can promptly apply on the very next day of denial of your visa application after getting your income documents translated and annexing the same with your visa applications. (I myself have dealt with such like case and when I applied on behalf of my client, she got visa successfully) 
  2. If Visa Officer has raised an objection on any “large credit” in your Bank Statement and you had not provided any proof of it, you can reapply by providing the proof of such large credit. For example, this heavy amount (large credit) is of the car or any other property you had sold, in this case, just produce the sale agreement / sale deed of the car or property whatever the case may be along-with its ownership proof in your name as well. 
  3. If Visa Officer was unsatisfied with your family ties to your home country and if you had not submitted any proof of your family ties with your previous visa application, you can reapply in this case you just need to provide the educational, employment or business documents of your family members like your spouse, father, mother, children brother, sister.
  4. Many other circumstances.


The circumstances, in which you should not reapply soon after refusal.


There are numerous circumstances, in which after rejection of a UK Visa application, you should not reapply because it will definitely take you to the refusal again. The examples of such circumstances are as under:- 

  1. If Visa Officer has raised objection that you are unmarried, have no liability, no business, no travel history and Visa Officer also stated that your purpose of tourism to UK seems not be genuine. In this case, you should not apply forthwith after refusal because it will take sometime to take job or start a business, to get married so wait for reasonable time until you have resolved these issues.
  2. If Visa Officer has raised objection that during verification any document is found to be forged and also imposed a ban of 10 years. You should not apply even within 10 years of refusal.
  3.  If Visa Officer has raised objection on any issue, which cannot be addressed by you forthwith by way of producing documentary evidence, you should not apply promptly after refusal. Wait for reasonable time and then apply with new circumstances.

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